Blacks in quantum

Your voice matters in Quantum.

As I reminisce about the impact of current technological revolution and look forward to the potential impact of the next quantum revolution on minorities, especially blacks, I can’t help but recall the words of Prof. Renée Sieber: "Technology is not neutral, it's not objective. The data is not objective. The algorithms are not objective. They are built by humans, they embed the biases of humans and it's always important for us to understand that." To stem the differential outcomes, systemic bias and break the barriers to technological diversity, equity, and inclusion, I am inspired to make a clarion call to blacks in quantum computing to take their place in this evolving ecosystem.

Perhaps, you do not self-identify as black, but would like to support this initiative for this underrepresented group in quantum computing, we welcome your contributions. Our goal is to help provide equal access to educational, job, business and entrepreneurial opportunities for blacks in quantum computing.

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